Comprehensive medical care at the touch of a button.

RAMcare makes it easy for retirement home residents to see a primary care provider for preventative, acute, and chronic medical care.

Forget the waiting room

When you're sick, don't expose yourself to more risk. We bring the medical care to you.

Enhance your OHIP care

Maximize your existing care with a holistic health solution delivered right at your home.

Get comprehensive care

Proactive monitoring, treatment, and comprehensive management for all needs.

Getting to the doctor, made effortless.

RAMcare eliminates the gap between retirement home residents and medical practitioners, changing lives for the better. Resident health, comfort, and privacy are our foremost concerns.

I don’t have to depend on DARTS or taxis. I really enjoy it. It’s kind of nice seeing what the doctor sees, seeing what’s on the screen.

Ken Hall
Resident using RAMcare

Available across Ontario

RAMcare features Availability may vary based on location
  • Comprehensive medical management
  • Virtual medical clinics in home
  • Chronic disease prevention, management
  • In person clinics and lab work
  • Leading-edge medical care protocols
  • Regular health reports available
  • Support for in-home nurses and staff
  • Consolidation of care across system 
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