Same day, at home medical care for retirement homes

Since 2017, we've delivered over 750 visits for seniors in their home.

Stand out amongst retirement homes.

When retirement home residents have access to immediate medical care, staff become more confident, residents are healthier, and families have peace of mind.

On Demand Care

Virtual technology allows residents to be seen as soon as care is needed.

Ongoing Monitoring

Residents can receive regular, on-site visits from our local medical team.

Comprehensive Coordination

Staff benefit from the convenience of an accessible, single point of contact.

  • “RAM Care represents a potentially transformative solution for marginalized populations... and to elderly patients who are immobile and do not have a caregiver at home.”
    Joule, 2017
    Canadian Medical Association subsidiary

Bring RAM Care to your residents.

Our group is based out of Hamilton, Ontario. We will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about bringing RAM Care to your retirement home.

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